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Hi, I’m Daniel, well into my 50’s and disillusioned with the way life is going right now. The world has been turned upside down, by the elite, for nothing. They have flexed their muscles and decided they will victimise, humiliate and control the general population even more.

As a youngster, I really believed in how great America was. We ‘landed on the moon’, if we worked hard, the world was our oyster and politicians, scientists, teachers and the medical professions, were looked up to, as honorable and worthy. How utterly naive was I?

I worked diligently at school and college and was especially good in Math, Science and Technical subjects. My dad, Louis, was brilliant at abstract-type drawing, but my attempts were just squiggles. I was more adept at engineering drawing, where the lines and details, are definite and precise.

I started as an apprentice engineer and through college and experience, gained a substantial amount of knowledge in the field. I eventually started my own small engineering and manufacturing company, which I am very proud of.

However, I am now sick to the stomach, that with all the restrictions, I feel it will be time to fold, so need to find something else I can make money in.

I am very interested in how computers and automation will be utilised in the future.

Hopefully you’ll all enjoy my dad Louis’ site and my sister Marie, my daughter Elizabeth and my niece Christine sites.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Also, let me know of mistakes, mis-spellings, wrong translations, etc.., be pedantic, but maybe not on articles that are obviously just being developed.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to make a public comment, then email me at Daniel@payseurs.net

All the best,



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4 Responses to Daniel Payseur

  1. Dr. Desalio says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I want to write a book on predicting the future without a time machine. This is possible using information from history and movies.

    Are you interested in helping to fund it? I need time to research and would need to leave work.

  2. Fritz Thekat says:

    Hello Daniel, In response to Dr.. Desalio , I believe Clif High has invented something similar he calls ‘Predictive Linguistics ‘. Have you heard of him?

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