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Naturehike - 300 x 250

At,we advocating the brand concept of “light outdoor travel” and committing to provide high quality lightweight outdoor products.

Enjoy Outdoors, Enjoy Life

Naturehike is eager to enhance our customer’s outdoor experience with an innovative design and a reliable quality.

Naturehike has gained a solid international reputation for its hiking, climbing, backpacking, camping gear, and travel accessories from numerous customers.

It is also famous for its luxury cotton tents for a glamping lifestyle. Naturehike holds the concept of a pioneer brand that improves our customer’s outdoor lifestyle and quality.

Thanks to our own experiments, Naturehike offers innovative products. They are tested not only in the laboratory, but also – and perhaps above all – in the field.

User reviews are very important to Naturehike, which is why the company listens to the voices of those who use the equipment.

We create natural, lightweight and professional outdoor equipment. All our products are checked and tested by professional outdoor people, who are involved from start to finish.

Naturehike received multiple top awards from Aliexpress, and it was granted the best global seller by Amazon in 2018.



Shapellx - 726 x 360

“ You already have what it takes to conquer the world”.

Shapellx is known for its ongoing advocacy for body positivity and making shapewear to flatter every body type & size.

We strongly believe that women deserve absolute power and control over their body, confidence and what they decide to wear.

Be that a pair of 6-inch stilettos or shapewear to help her feel on the top of the world.

Shapellx envisions a generation of confident, beautiful women that shine bright, and bring their A game to the full life journey, from stay-at-home moms to boss girls.

Our vision is to support women through all their life adventures. And be that best friend that’s always in their corner. Here, we focus on what’s important. Your confidence and your body.

We’re built for support, so you can look and feel amazing. With size inclusive shapewear, flattering bodysuits, that sculpt and shape your body for a better fit, Shapellx feels 100% secure.


Pure Glutes

Pure Glutes - 216 x 384


The COBA Board’s patented counterbalance and functional resistance design was scientifically proven to help shape, sculpt, tone and hyper-target difficult to activate glute muscles faster, safer and more effectively than traditional methods.

Squatting alone is not enough. That’s why our product enables you to execute the top 8 glute exercises needed to get your best booty and superior results. The COBA Board also offers over 30 total body resistance training workouts for toned arms, abs & core.

Founded by Jim Duffy, former Division I hockey player, along with his daughter Jordan Duffy, a lifestyle editor and fitness enthusiast, Pure Glutes LLC developed, tested and patented a more effective way to train your Glutes and hamstrings with the revolutionary COBA Board.

Jim Duffy, Inventor and Founder

I created the COBA Board after a sports injury had me searching for a safe way to strength train my legs without straining my knees,” said Jim Duffy, CEO of Pure Glutes. “After creating the COBA Board Glute Trainer, we had it tested to ensure it was not only safe, but effective at targeting the hard-to-build glutes and hamstrings. We were proven right.


FreeinSUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

FreeinSUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board - 850 x 850

We are a customer-oriented company and one of the leading strategic suppliers of high quality from High Tech offering fair prices and excellent service. We are striving to be the world’s leader in selling high quality Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board by offering excellent and reliable services.

Always Focused on SUP – We believe paddling are the best forms of recreation in the world and are focused on these sports only. We don’t chase trends and are committed to bringing you the best quality products designed and tested by people who paddle every day.

Always Rider Owned and Operated – Our mission from day one has always been to develop a quality selection of well designed paddle boards and accessories for riders of all skill levels at revolutionary prices.

100% Customer Satisfaction Bar None – We aim to offer our customers the highest level of service, selection, quality and value and the most compelling online and in store shopping experience possible.



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